Thursday, April 29, 2010

What kind of daddy do you have...?

Last night we were hanging out in your room. Just sitting. I was messing around trying to decide how to decorate and your dad was testing out the new glider we had just bought up for you. 

As i was staring at the wall contemplating i heard your dad talking to cherrio.

"come up here and sit with me so i can practice rocking a baby for when sergie comes" 
cherrio sits with him then starts licking his face
"no, no cherrio thats not what babies do- i have to practice"

That is the kind of daddy you have. <3

the mom

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nursery Progress

I am finally getting on the ball with this nursery. It has been an empty shell with bare furniture in it for weeks now, and considering you will be here much sooner then i think we realize i figured it was time to get things going. 

I looked around at different bedding sets and everything was either cheesy or way expensive (seriously who spends $500 for baby bedding!?). So of course being the crazy that i am i decided i would just create what i was looking for. I took a trip to the fabric store and found exactly what it was i wanted. 

I give you...curtains!  (the pictures are not the best and the color is a bit off because once again i am using my cell phone to take them- sorry!)

So there you are. It's not much, but at least it's a start!

the mom

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Baby

You will be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer. Well not ON the beach, but at the beach house. Your dad and I are not huge fans of sitting on a hot crowded beach but we do love walking on it in the spring and fall, or early summer morning. And so do the dogs! From October-May the beach is open to  dogs and seeing as this was the last weekend before it closed off we decided to take a trip down there to let your doggie brother and sister run around. 

They love nothing more then to run free on the beach like wild dogs!

Pancake was digging.. for gold maybe?

My gigantic shadow in the sand

Your daddy relaxing- isn't he handsome?

A view from the top. Fortunately i can still see my feet when i lean over. 

Everyone was pooped when we got back to the house! It made for a nice afternoon. 

I have spent almost every summer of my existence visiting the Jersey Shore so it has come to be a very special place for me. Your dad even asked me to marry him while we were walking along the shore one night. 

We spend the summers going for boat rides, and on jet ski trips (when youre older). Fishing and attempting to crab (even though there don't seem to be many left along the shore anymore). We take trips into Stone Harbor to walk around the shops and enjoy some Springers Ice Cream. Occasionally we will venture off and spend the morning or evening playing on the beach. We walk around the boardwalk at night and enjoy cotton candy (watch the tram-car will become part of your vocabulary very quickly). And fireworks can be seen over the ocean from the back deck every friday night. 

What's not to love? Your dad has already taken off a week in August so that we can all be down there together and you and I have several days planned hanging out on grandma and grandpa joe's back deck watching the boats go by. Are you excited yet? I am. 

the mom

No news is good news...

The nurse told me that it would take a day or so to get the results back from the sugar test and that they will only call if there is something wrong. So far no call so i'm thinking thats good!

the mom

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sugar Mama

At this morning's doctors appointment I had to take the glucose tolerance test. I've read about it and for most people it seemed to be a dreaded task and no one had nice things to say about the beverage you have to drink. 

Today was just the simple one hour test, if you fail you have to take a more extensive four hour test, which i would not like to do. The nurse warned me last visit that most people do fail and that i should avoid sugar and carbs the morning of and night before. I really did not want to fail so for the last two days i have been careful not to consume too much of these things (because on a regular basis i consume WAY too much of them). So lets hope it worked!

I have to say though, it really was not bad at all. The drink tasted pretty much like koolaid. And i like koolaid so having avoided sugar the last couple days i almost welcomed the drink. I'm pretty sure you may have enjoyed it too because it had you bouncing off the walls. Apparently it gave you hiccups as well, we could hear them as we listened to your heartbeat. 

The only horrible part about the test was that i had to have blood drawn. I am not a fan of that. Last time it made me throw up, and the time before that i passed out. I was a little panicked today because i was by myself and your dad was not there to hold my hand. (yes i am a baby like that, i need my hand held!) I was a trooper though, no puking and no passing out. 

So now we wait and hope that we don't get a phone call saying I have to come in and take another test! Fingers crossed. 

the mom

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Man Hands

Last night while gardening I sported sweat pants, a tshirt, and my lovely gold bangle i had worn that day. This is because of the new chubby man hands i seem to be sporting these days would not allow me to take it off. Back in February my size 5 wedding rings were swapped out for some costume size 8s (which are now also quite tight). I expected this. I had no idea my bracelets would get stuck on my wrists too though!

I tried every sort of tugging, soap, lotion...nothing would slide this thing off. So as a result I gardened in style last night. 

the mom

*don't worry, i eventually got the bangle off

Monday, April 19, 2010

The not so pretty side of pregnancy

The mom:
 (SNEEZE) Damnit!
The dad(laughs) Did you pee yourself again? 

It's bad enough that I am constantly running to the bathroom and that every time i stand i feel like i might burst but now on top of all that I am loosing control of my bladder! When i sneeze or cough (which seems to be very often lately due to these horrible allergies of mine) i end up peeing, just a little. Give me a break though look at how squished my bladder is!

That thing was at the bottom which you can barley see IS my bladder. So every time it gets the slightest bit of pressure put on it game over. 

I discovered here what exactly happens to my organs as you are growing and taking over all the space. It's kind of insane. Look at them jammed up there, and this is only now at 28 weeks, it gets much worse! No wonder I can barley breath. 

Someone told me a horrible story of how their baby kicked their intestines and they pooed themselves right then and there! Sergie please stay clear of that area- okay? 

the mom

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ready or not...

Lately i've spent more days being scared then i have excited about July. I think i am just recently coming to the realization on how very hard it is all going to be. 

I'm scared to actually go into labor. The more i find out about the whole thing the tighter my chest gets. You can't stay in there forever though, i know at some point you will in fact come out. 

What's going to happen when you're here. No more preparing and waiting, just me and baby. Of course i know how to take care of a baby but i've never HAD a baby. One that is there ALL.THE.TIME. 

What if i can't handle it. I don't want to do a crap job.

At first it will be hard because newborns are hard. But your dad will be around for a week (which is not nearly enough time) and then it will be summer so there will be plenty of other people around for help and company. But what happens when fall comes, you will still be brand new and everyone will go back to school and their jobs and everything else. And it will be me, and you, and an empty house. 

I worry, about everything. A trait i hope doesn't end up being passed to you (you can thank your grandma, and great grandma for this if you do by the way). Because worrying simply sucks. 

the mom

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daddy Instructions

Your daddy is obsessed with going to the gym and working out. When i saw this little baby instruction i thought it might be a good idea to pass it along to him.

This was his response: Damn, I was hoping to get him on the bench right away!

He is going to need some work. 

the mom

Monday, April 12, 2010

27 Weeks

I bought this shirt back in January and I remember being rather excited about how cute my pregnant belly looked in it. I thought, yup i definitely look like i have a baby in there (although others who weren't in the know were probably thinking, yup she definitely needs to lay off the snacking, shes getting a gut!). 

Putting on the shirt today I realize how tiny i still was when i actually bought it and that now i look huge in it (and hopefully those people who thought it was just a food baby realize its actually a human baby). In another month or so I will probably stop by the mirror again and have this whole conversation over.

That's the thing about being pregnant. You swear from the first day you find out that you "look" pregnant. Every week that passes by you see small changes in your body and feel like you're rocking a serious baby bump (when really most people probably don't even notice it at all). Then a few more weeks go by and you look at that old picture and laugh at how big you felt when you were actually so tiny. That's exactly how i felt here.

The whole thing is pretty awesome. I'm excited to finally meet you and have you in our lives but i think i will sort of miss this too...

the mom

*side note. next weeks starts the third trimester. as in, babies COME in the third trimester! crazy.

**another side note. for all who think "wow she has the dirtiest mirrors ever" i swear they are clean. this mirror is part of a really old antique vanity, i use it because its the longest mirror i have. its not dirty- just old! 

Working Bees

We have been working our butts off trying to get as many house projects done as we can before you get here. For two reasons.

One, we know we certainly will not have the energy, time, or flexibility that we have now to do these projects. 

Two, we would much rather spend the summer enjoying you then doing work. 

The yard and gardens have been cleared out (8 full trash cans later). Next we get to enjoy the fun task of mulching them! (Your dad is especially happy about this project). 

We want to make sure you have an awesome yard to run around and play in (outback of course). I love gardens, I have surrounded our house and backyard with them. We even added a new one this weekend. 

It's currently pretty empty but don't worry, we're not done yet!

The dad worked hard. 

The dogs worked hard too...laying around.

the mom

You have books!

I love this nice weather we've been getting. Saturday morning we got up early, had breakfast and went for a nice long walk around Pitman. (These long walks, while good for me, are becoming more and more painful though) Pancake and Cherrio love walks so we try and get a many in as we can. We took them down to the lake and let them run free. Pancake of course ran into the lake after the ducks, Cherrio stayed up on shore and watched. It's a nice park with benches for picnics, a playground, and a lake with ducks to feed- I think you will love it one day. 

Naturally, being that we are in south jersey, lots of yard sales were going on. Too bad you aren't a bit older because there were lots of fun little boy toys out. We did however snag this stack books for only $1. 

Perfect bedtime stories. Grandma keeps telling me the importance of reading to you every day so this little start to your book collection should make her happy. Unfortunately we do not have a bookshelf for you, but we will figure something out!

the mom

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Boy Blue

Grandma is the very best! I came home from work the other day and she had painted your room for us. (She also painted the hallway which i have been meaning to get to for almost two years!) Yay grandma! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your room looks so adorable. Perfect for a little boy. It is completely bare, not a single bit of decoration yet, but its painted- were getting there! 

(im sorry but you had no choice but to keep this dresser in there. we had to take the banister apart when we moved in to get it into this room. when we move, its staying. it literally cannot be removed from this room unless its chopped into pieces)

This is the fabric i bought for your bedding and curtains. 
One of the many projects on my list. 

Grandma bought you the most adorable shoes! 

Not 100% sure if the furniture will stay in the spots that they are in. Might do some rearranging. For now though things are looking good! We have progress. 

the mom

Monday, April 5, 2010

Aunties are the best!

Remember this picture? That disaster of a room. The overwhelming piles and piles of baby things I simply did not know what to do with. Well Friday I came home and it was ALL organized and put away! The furniture was in place, the toys neatly lined up, the drawers organized and filled. The room looked awesome. Your Auntie had gotten back from work early and taken care of everything for us. Which makes Auntie THE BEST!

the mom

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just a little (rather BIG) belly update

25 Weeks & Counting

Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs. (although i think i look more like ive gained 30!)
Pregnancy Woes this week: still running to the bathroom every few minutes. if i stand up the pressure makes me feel like i have to go so badly but my bladder is usually pretty empty. oh and everything upsets me and makes me cry. 
Happy times this week: we finally got your crib! yay. and i got a new pair of jeans, double yay!
Belly Button Status: normal. i have a very stubborn bellybutton. it does not want to give way. my belly is still tightly pulled in around the belly button area. 
Food Cravings:  nothing. but i've been eating way too much junk lately, time to knock it off! as your dad says "you're not going to have this pregnancy excuse much longer" isnt he rude!?
Dr. Visits:  next apt is on april 8th, then i start up the every two week apts. 
Labor Signs: none thank goodness!
Projects I worked on this week:  put together your crib and started clearing out your room so that we can paint next week! 
Looking Forward to: holding you. being able to wear my wedding rings again. 

In other news, those new jeans i got are full panel jeans! AH! Yes i know, i swore i would NEVER wear pants that came up to my boobs but all my low waisted pants are digging into my belly making both you and i very uncomfortable. I know you are uncomfortable because you kick and kick and kick until i stretch back or stand up. So here we are. Your dorky pants up to the boobs wearing mom!

the mom