Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot New Wheels

I love my new stroller. I think it's awesome and the pattern is super cute. Auntie Kim sent us some stroller toys last night so I made your dad drag the stroller box out of the garage and assemble it.

There were a few frustrated grunts but overall he did very well! We got the stroller put together, i showed him all its fancy little ways (basically just how to open and close it!). Then we took it for a few test drives around the house. Pete and Chee checked it out too!

Pancake let us drive her around in it but Cherrio got crazy eyes and jumped out!  

Poor dogs, every day we are bombarding them with new baby things. Lets see how Pete feels about that...

I agree, it is all very confusing!

the mom

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting there...

I have decided that as of June 20th you are welcome to come join us in the world. But not until then! Your nursery is 99% ready and you have every item a little baby could possibly need. 

Here is a tiny tease of the nursery. You can thank grandma and auntie e for kicking my butt and getting things started. 

Okay thats enough for now!

the mom

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tea Party

Saturday afternoon i was supposed to be getting a massage for aunti e's birthday. (isn't it nice how that was going to work, it was her birthday but i still got treats!) I spent the whole morning cleaning the house and working in the gardens. That massage sounded really good!

When i got to grandmas house though turns out that massage trip was actually a baby shower! (which is equally as awesome, but i still managed to get a back rub thrown in there thanks to grace!)

It was the cutest tea party ever. There were a few times we had to all make a mad dash in the house because it started raining, but then it cleared up and was a really nice afternoon. 

The gifts...oh those gifts. They were never ending. We are so very fortunate because we have been so well stocked there is not a single item that you don't have. Look at this pile!!!!

Every single one of those bags is stuffed with presents! It took me two full days (with the help of your grandma and auntie) but it's finally all (well almost all) put away in its place. 

More on the shower later, i just thought for now i would share this giant pile of love with you! You are one lucky baby, just so you know!

the mom

New Deck!

So much has been going on lately. We had a very busy weekend! Some super awesome fantastic news is that we finally got our deck built!!! 

Friday night your dad and i get all the supplies and first thing saturday morning grandpa joe, leon and your dad got to work. It only took them a couple hours. Here are some pictures of them working on it. 

It still needs some furniture, a step, and gardens added around it but the actual deck is done! We finally are using that door that goes off the kitchen. It freaked the dogs out, they never knew it even existed. 

How nice will it be to sit outside in the afternoons and enjoy our deck this summer? Very. 

the mom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The dad

"I really wish i could be pregnant for just five minutes so i knew what it felt like. Maybe i can put snee (the dog) under my shirt for a while and have him squirm around."

Somehow i don't think thats the same. Maybe your dad and i can trade places when its time to actually HAVE the baby, then we will see if he still wants to know what its like to have a person inside you. Because eventually, they have got to come out...

the mom

"Are you just so ready to have this baby already...?"

I don't think i can even count the amount of times i am asked this question per week. Everyone seems to expect me to say "oh my yes- im so miserable i just want to have the baby already". Is that what i am supposed to be feeling- did no one tell me this?

While there are many very sucky things about pregnancy right now, ie...

- the only shoes i can wear are old navy flip flops (ew i had no idea how ugly fat swollen feet/ankles are. i dont seem to be the only one who thinks so because anyone who sees my feet get a disgusted look of horror and i so don't blame them one bit!) 
- i am exhausted
- i cry about everything (including the bug that was on the couch the other night- am i the only one being overtaken by stinkbugs?)
- i can no longer wear my bracelets or rings
- its way harder to get around (have you ever actually experienced being stuck in your bed and having a moment of panic that you just might not be able to roll yourself out! its crazy)

..but overall i really am perfectly content. I enjoy feeling little elbows move across my stomach. Your hiccups make me laugh. I love that at night when we get into bed it seems to be your cue to start dancing around and your dad gets to feel and watch the show. 

The truth is i am not ready. I do hate all the attention of being pregnant but im not ready to be done with it yet. I don't feel prepared,  your room is no where near done. I am terrified of the actual labor process. And i am really not ready to give you up to the world yet. So to all the people who feel compelled to ask, the answer is no. I am happy just the way things are thanks. 

(mind you in 8 more weeks when i am fully cooked i might feel differently about this, but until then i stand by my answer)

the mom

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rib Grumbles

My stomach is grumbling, but its way up in my ribcage not in my abdomen like it usually is. Its kinda freaky feeling. 

This whole shifting of the organs thing is pretty odd. 

the mom

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sneak Peak

Friday night we drove through the crazy storm that rolled in and spent the evening in Jeff DiMarco's new photo studio. It was so much fun and he got some really awesome shots. Here is a little preview...

More to come. 

the mom

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Belly!

31 and a half weeks. wow. when did i get this huge?! for the longest time i felt like i stayed exactly the same size and now all the sudden out of no where i seem to have expanded yet again. 

Total Weight Gain: 17lbs as of last week's appointment. hoping to keep it under 25. 

Pregnancy Woes this week: the pregnancy is seeming to take its tole on me now. i am SO swollen. i can no longer wear bracelets (unless they stretch because they wont go over my hand) or rings. my face is puffy. and most shoes dont fit. its also getting harder to get around or pull myself off the couch. (i also seem to be falling apart, not sure if its the pregnancy. my hands fall asleep every time i lay down and something wacky is going on with my left ear. i woke up last saturday feeling like i just got off a plane, then a loud buzzing started and was constantly there, and now on top of the pressure and buzzing i have a vibrating echo of everything i hear. its really annoying). wow thats a lot of woes. sorry. 

Happy times this week: you have been super active. it makes me laugh to see my stomach "dance" the way it does. oh and also im so happy to be making progress with your room. all of your bedding is almost done. (thanks to your grandma!)

Belly Button Status: normal. i dont think it will pop. my stomach actually goes in where my belly button is (its not totally round) because it is refusing to give at all to this baby. 

Food Cravings:  nothing. starting to think cravings are a lie, or an excuse. 

Dr. Visits:  are short and simple. my BP is excellent. despite the fact that i am super swollen (which can be a sign of high BP). so swollen that grandma was laughing at me because my ankles have rolls! (not nice!)

Labor Signs: none, not even BH contractions. 

Projects I worked on this week: got some shelves hung, painted little animals on the walls, worked on your bedding (and sewed my thumb in the process- ouch!)

Looking Forward to: our photo-shoot on friday (more to come on that!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tick Tock...

I just realized that in theory we have exactly two months until you arrive. Two months!!! Time is going by way too fast. 

the mom


Last night when i got home from work i packed up the dogs and my sewing machine and went to grandmas to work on all of your bedding. We set everything up and of course my machine wasn't working right. So we packed everything up again and went to my grandmas house to use her machine. 

All was going well until...

I sewed my thumb! Literally. The needle went through the nail (ruined my nice manicure) and out the other side of my thumb. But don't worry- i got no blood on the bumpers! 

My mom took over, then her mom took over. (which is probably a good thing because she is awesome at sewing, she showed us all the things we were doing wrong!). 

The bumpers are almost done. Tonight we finish those and the rest of the bedding. Then your crib will be officially ready for baby sleeping! 

Lets hope i don't sew any more body parts tonight!

the mom

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tight quarters.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) i sit at a desk for about 9 hours a day. Fitting under that desk is becoming more of a challenge each day. 

Apparently you do not like me shoving you under there though. You start to wiggle and move and push your butt up hitting the underside of the desk then wiggling it back and forth. It makes me laugh. 

the mom

31 Weeks

This is for your dad because he always asks "how big is he now". 

According to babycenter here is your progress..

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

I love reading that i should start feeling a lot of movement (or when people ask if i feel any yet). Um hello! I have felt like i have a circus act going on inside me since about week 16. Lots of movement is nothing new to me. I'm thinking you are going to be a rather "go, go, go" kind of kid. Oh boy!

the mom

Friday, May 7, 2010


A small accomplishment, yet one i am super proud of. I got more work done in the nursery. Not much, but still, its better then nothing! Very slowly things are coming together. 

I finally got around to painting the little animals on your wall. 
Small and subtle but i think its cute! 

I also bought and hung some shelves (with your dads help) above the rocker. 
I threw some stuff on the shelves just to make sure they were sturdy, 
I don't think this is what will end up on them though. 

And then there's these guys...

They are in the process of getting a makeover. Stay tuned!

the mom

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

30 Week Appointment

It has been confirmed. I passed my sugar test, wohoo.

The midwife said you were getting big in there! (please don't get too big, i don't want an 11lb baby like your dad was!) She confirmed that you are shoved down in my right hip like i've been feeling. It's really nuts how they know what they are feeling just by poking around. I can't tell if im feeling baby or squishiness or what. 

She thought it was a little butt in my hip until she listened to your heartbeat and it was really low. She felt again and said it seemed like you had turned already. Which i like to hear because that means you are getting ready to come out! yay. 

the mom

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vivid Dreamer

My dreams have been very vidid through my pregnancy, which i hear is common. It surprises me how very aware i am of this pregnancy though in them. I cannot recall a dream which I was not pregnant. 

I've been out with people in my dreams and turned down drinks because i was pregnant. I also dream ALL the time about being able to feel you through my belly. Whenever you are moving around i like to put my hand there and feel the movement and i always wonder what body part it is im feeling move. I can never tell though. 

In my dreams though it's very alien like. I can actually feel feet and hands and such. A few times in my dreams i've seem them too. 

Like this 
which would clearly never happen.

One time in a dream i'm pretty sure i even held onto your hand through my belly, which is ridiculous and weird. I wonder if once you are born i will continue to have these wild dreams. 

the mom

Half Food Baby / Half Human Baby

One of my favorite things about being pregnant is that you have a huge gut hanging out at all times that you don't have to worry about sucking in! This is especially handy after a big meal :)

the mom

Monday, May 3, 2010

If you don't like complaining i suggest you close your eyes...

I am starting to feel the discomforts of pregnancy. I'm swollen (like really swollen) which gives me ogre hands, 5 faces and makes all my shoes pinch my feet. My feet are so bad it actually hurts to walk on them sometimes. My hips hurt and the fact that i can feel your little butt lodged into my right hip doesn't help. Both sitting and standing is uncomfortable. So all of this is making me a bit cranky. 

The good news is though that we are in the home stretch. Okay i'm done now. 

the mom