Saturday, August 21, 2010

we've moved!

i finally got things together for a new blog. now that grayson is here i'm not really "waiting on july" anymore. i figured a new blog is a good place to share pictures and stories so that everyone can keep up with us. he's already 6 weeks old and its amazing how fast the time has gone by. he has changed so much, the new blog will document that.

i hope you will visit it and continue to follow us!

you can find us here - two dogs and a baby

first night away

our first night away from you was when you were only a week old. some people may think thats terrible but i knew you were in the best of hands so it really wasnt that bad. 

we had a wedding to go to in philadelphia so i left you down the shore with grandma for the night. i only cried three times, which i think is pretty good. as much as i missed you it wasnt bad because i knew i didnt have to worry about you, grandma is the next best thing besides your mom. 

the wedding was wonderful, and it was nice to know that there was still a chance of having a life, even with a newborn. i tried very hard to keep the conversations non baby related. i think i did fairly well. and i only whipped out a photo once. 

i was proud of us for making it will midnight, we headed out around 1230 though. lame. but thats what happens when you get no sleep. we still managed to dance and have a good time though. 

we were beat by the end of the night. your daddy is so handsome! even when hes being cranky because i want to take his picture. 

the mom

Thursday, August 19, 2010


i have to say, i was really nervous about how the dogs would react to bringing home a baby. especially since they were already attention bugs. its something i worried about for a while. 

we decided the best way to introduce you to them was to bring everyone to a neutral location (grandma and grandpa joes house) then bring everyone home. they were interested when we first walked in the door, then you became old news. the only time they really payed attention was if you cried or made noises. 

eventually though they became use to you. every time i walk in the door they run to the carseat and smell and check you out. they have started saying hello to you before they say hi to me now. 

cherrio LOVES to give you kisses. he licks and licks your feet. pancake has just started to show interest.

i'm so proud of her. i would have thought she would be jealous and not have wanted anything to do with you but instead she has decided its okay to love you! until you start running around pulling tails. 

the mom

preppin the dogs

to prep the dogs we brought home your hospital hat. here is what the dogs chose to do with it...




the mom

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

jimmy buffet concert

were all big jimmy fans. grandpa joe has tickets to the concert. here is your video you sent asking for a ticket.

the mom


So there are a few things i have learned since becoming a mom. Like do like let the baby sleep for 6 hours straight during the day because he will not sleep that night. And make sure you are fast when switching from old diaper to new because that stuff will get on the walls! My most recent discovery. Strap the child in!

It's not true what they say about putting an infant down in one stop and coming back to see they are still there. Not with you anyway. I put you in your swing, walked to the kitchen, walked back and here you were. Wiggling out of it. I put you on your playard and minutes later you are off of that as well. You are going to be trouble. 

the mom

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ive been a bad blogger. i havent gotten lazy. its just all my time is spent doing this..

you insist on being held 90% of your day. which makes doing anything else impossible. there will be time for all those other things later though, i know this "hold me hold me" will not last once you realize you can get around on your own. peanut snuggle time is THE best. 

the mom

Monday, August 16, 2010

he talks!

Such a talented boy, already talking. And so very wise!

We have fun with you!

the mom

monthly visits

So we missed our one month old post. You seem to think that the best way to celebrate was to put yourself back in the hospital! One month to the date from when you had us in the hospital before (that one was okay though, it was so you could be born!). 

You had a low grade fever for about a week so i took you to the dr and it was over 100 so off the the er we went. My heart was breaking as they put you through lots of tests to try and figure out what was wrong. We stayed three days and they never figured out what was wrong, the fever did however break. Drama boy. Lets not make a habit of this. 

Here is a video of how you feel about tylonal. 

You were such a good boy. All the nurses loved you. And of course you were never without visitors. 

the mom

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Baby!

the mom