Thursday, August 19, 2010


i have to say, i was really nervous about how the dogs would react to bringing home a baby. especially since they were already attention bugs. its something i worried about for a while. 

we decided the best way to introduce you to them was to bring everyone to a neutral location (grandma and grandpa joes house) then bring everyone home. they were interested when we first walked in the door, then you became old news. the only time they really payed attention was if you cried or made noises. 

eventually though they became use to you. every time i walk in the door they run to the carseat and smell and check you out. they have started saying hello to you before they say hi to me now. 

cherrio LOVES to give you kisses. he licks and licks your feet. pancake has just started to show interest.

i'm so proud of her. i would have thought she would be jealous and not have wanted anything to do with you but instead she has decided its okay to love you! until you start running around pulling tails. 

the mom