Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picture perfect

My iphone is very convenient for taking pictures but it simply will not cut it once you are here. We had bought a simple point and shoot camera last summer but it has been missing since we got back from our Aug trip to Chicago last year. (your dad is very annoyed with me about this). So right now the good old iphone is all we've got which is why i am adding this to my withlist.

The Canon EOS Rebel XSi. Wonderful isnt it? One of these days. Maybe. Probably not. But thats why its called a wishlist. 

the mom

A place to sleep

Now that we are back from our vacations and you are fast approaching your arrival it is time to start putting together your room!

Last night we piled everyone in the car (everyone being us and the dogs) and went to go pick up your crib! It took us a while to put together simply because the directions were terrible but we figured it out and now you have a place to sleep when you get here. 

It's even che-chee approved!

Thanks grandma and grandpa joe for buying us a crib! Aren't grandparents the best!? Next week grandma is coming to help paint your room the very perfect shade of Cincinnati Hotel Abby Blue! And its my job to deal with this...

Ugh. I don't even know where to start...

the mom

Monday, March 29, 2010

Evening Passtime

I hope you like snuggling baby serg because this is how we spend our evenings. Snuggling in bed together.

Pancake loves it, can you tell?

the mom

Daddy getting some practice

This weekend we went to visit your future girlfriend. Little baby Peyton. She was so cute and so tiny. The whole time we were visiting her she just relaxed and slept (you should take note!). I have not held a one week old baby in such a long time. It was pretty awesome. 

Your dad thought so too. Peyton is the first baby he has ever held. He did well though, you would be proud. When we left he said "I can't wait till our Sergie comes. I just want to hold him". 

the mom

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new favorite pass time...

I love laying down at night and watching my belly. 10pm seems to be your time of night. You start rolling and kicking around. I could always feel it but now i can see it too! When you kick I see the little pop and shake of my belly (you're a pretty strong boy). Once and a while i will see you "roll" yourself across my stomach. My whole belly will contort. 

I couldn't decide if it was totally freaky or totally cool. Either way it always puts a huge smile on my face. It's like our little game. You play around and I lay here, watching and laughing with every kick. Your dad must think i'm a crazy lady staring at my belly laughing to myself while we lay in bed. I can't help it though, I love watching you!

the mom

First Tropical Vacation

Don't tell me you never got to do anything cool because I will show you these pictures! You participated and you were there, so ha. 

You played with the stingrays

Daddy played too! I think he was scared. 

Okay everyone was a little scared! They were sucking on us and it was creepy. 
Unkie Ry, Grandpa Joe, Grandma, The Mom, The Dad, Auntie E

Your dad swam down to find the "biggest" starfish there was.

This is what he found. (this was NOT the biggest starfish!)

You also got to do LOTS of snorkeling. We even saw a shark! You played with conchs and starfish, fed the stingrays and bathed in the sun. You obvious loved that part because every time I laid back and relaxed on a lounger you would start to kick. We watched you move around in my belly and we could see your little bulges as you kicked. You must be a beach baby. 

Here are some other pictures of The Mom and The Dad enjoying their last little bit of fun before you come.

This sign was obviously made for me!

This is your dad enjoying his vacation, and the Cuban Grandpa Joe gave him. 

Your dad and leon getting attacked by the waves. The ocean was like a swimming pool every single day we were there except this one afternoon where huge waves crashed. You probably would have wanted to jump out in them and get thrashed around like your dad did. I kept you safe on the beach though! 

It was a good vacation. One Pancake and Cherrio wished they could have gone on! Maybe next time frogs.

the mom 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Friends

The last two weeks have been nothing but traveling! You've driven through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Flown to the Cayman Islands and had a (long) layover in North Carolina. That's a lot of traveling for a one pound baby! You got lots of attention and made a few new friends...

Iggy the baby lizard hopped from the railing onto my belly for a ride

A baby starfish your daddy dove for while we were snorkeling 
(don't worry, we put him back!)

In Chicago you made so many friends and got lots of attention!  
Kisses and rubs all night.

the mom

Time to kick it into gear

All our traveling is done (probably for a long time) and the weather is starting to turn. It's warm enough out that windows can be opened and time can be spent outside. 

That means that it's time to start on the many projects that have been piling up on our to-do list. Time is ticking till you get here and soon I won't be able to do these things quite so easily. My ever growing stomach is a constant reminder of this- you are growing way too fast! I'm almost 7 months, I need more time!!!! Okay lets not panic. 

Here is my list (i'm obsessed with lists, they keep me sane!)

House Projects To Do Before Sergie Comes
- get the tub refinished (again) ((without getting ripped off this time))
- clean up and expand the garden outside
- reseed
- build a deck
- refinish the dining room buffet
- replace the shed door (a wind storm completely destroyed it last month)
- new dining room door
- paint... (there are a lot of things that need painting this spring)
   * hallway
   * master bedroom (i hate those damned stripes! i dont want to look at them anymore)
   * your room
   * mantel (there was an unfortunate issue with a fire and some smoke)
   * several shelves
   * front door (i did the shutters this spring but never the door
- decorate your room
- make your curtains and bedding (i bought the fabric before i left for vacation)
- organize all that crap piling in your room (auntie E we need you for this!!!!)
- clean out coat closet
- clean basement (we have a mold problem, everything needs to be ripped out)
- put the basement back together once its bleached and clean (auntie E we need you again)
- cover the pipes in the bathroom

Yes it's a large ambitious list Serg but seriously, do you think these things will get accomplished once you are actually HERE!? I think not. We will be way too busy not sleeping, then when we can sleep we will spend all our time running after you. So don't panic, it will get done bit by bit all before you get here.

(just please don't come early. or late for that matter. i am very punctual, i expect you to follow! anything earlier or later then when you are due to arrive is simply rude! remember this at birth an in life mister!)

the mom

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I feel like i should know this answer...

Your dad and i were talking today and i mentioned how funny it is to feel you "wolloping" around in there. It doesn't feel like you are kicking, it feels like you are bouncing yourself off all the walls of my insides playing around. Your dad said you were probably trying to find a way out. Which prompted him to ask

"what exactly happens when it's time for him to come out"

I had no idea how to answer that question. I don't know what "happens" when i go into labor. I just know it hurts a lot, then you come out. It got me thinking, maybe i should find out the answer to that question sometime in the near future...

the mom

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sergie, Pergie, Puddin' Pie...

We like to rhyme in our house. You dad will often make up little songs, that rhyme. Because he thinks he is a wrapper.  And I make up little "life lessons. Because I am a dork. These two are used on a daily basis in our house and you will get to know them well. 

Sharing is caring.

Stealing is done by those with no feelings. 

Currently we have to use them to remind the dogs to share their toys and stop taking things that are not theirs. You may think this is a total waste, and that dogs cannot learn such life lessons. You would be wrong. If you say the same thing over and over to someone, followed by an action, anyone will learn what the phrase means, even a dog. They have grown up learning these things and you will too. 

the mom

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little dose of cuteness.

che-chee bug curled up in the laundry. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

You did it!

You have this new thing at night, around 10 or so, when i am propped up in bed. You kick the crap out of me. It's fun to put my hand there and try and feel the kicks. Sometimes i can. Your poor dad has been trying for so many weeks now to feel a kick and the other night he finally got to!

Way to go, thanks for kicking hard enough so your dad could feel!

the mom

the most bizarre purchase i have ever made...

I have always had a tiny bladder. It doesn't hold much. My first ultrasound they made me drink 32oz of water an hour before my appointment. I couldn't do it. I was bent over in pain, literally crying because i thought i was going to explode. 

So naturally as you're getting bigger you are making that tiny little bladder even smaller. I can no longer make it through the night without waking up to go to the bathroom. This disturbs and confuses the dogs, who think its time to get up and play, which then disturbs your dad, who falls right back asleep. It's a nightly occurrence. I actually have a time of night when i have to STOP drinking, just so i am not up a million times. 

It's not just at night, it's all the time. I can't make it through a walk in the park without having to find a bathroom, shopping trips usually consist of multiple bathroom stops. Sometimes i can't even make the half hour drive home from work, many times i have stopped in to use the khols bathroom on my way home. It's constant. 

I know my bladder is smaller because it will feel like i have to go so badly and i just might burst. Yet rather then the waterfall you might expect it is simply a trickle. (aren't you glad i'm sharing this with you!?)

In a couple days we are driving across the country, yes- driving! This normally wouldn't worry me, except a 14 hour trip could easily be made into a 24 hour trip if i have to stop every 20 minutes. (Are there even bathrooms every 20 minutes, probably not.) That simply would not work out. What are my options though? I'm not a boy, i can't just pee in a jar or on the side of the highway. Or can i....?

A while ago i saw a product on some morning show. I thought it was the weirdest thing, and really did not understand who would buy it. I give you the GoGirl.

It's totally ridiculous, and kind of embarrassing, but absolutely necessary if we're going to get through this trip. Your dad gave me a very funny look when i told him i would be getting one, but he will thank me later! Especially since my midwife says its important i stay hydrated through the ride. 

I have yet to try it out, i'm a little scared to. It might end up being kind of an awesome thing though! Time will tell. 

the mom

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not for baby...

Hello. If you are reading this can you do me a favor. See that lovely button I have created over to the left there that looks like this

Can you pretty please click right below it? It's super easy, it will cost you nothing more than a moment of your time. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The transition of baby boy's room...

I've started transitioning the guest room into your room. The drawers and closet have been emptied, the bedding has been washed and packed away, the rug removed. There is so much work to be done, I usually spend an hour or so at a time in there trying to piddle it down. 

I have started thinking about what your room will look like. The plan was to stick with the current green, because i love it, but i have decided little boys should have blue rooms. I am keeping a green accent wall though. Last night your dad and i stared for almost 45 minutes at this....

A wall of paint samples. We were constantly moving around the samples, grouping them into which ones we liked, which ones we didn't. Then we would walk away and come back and our minds (well, MY mind) would be completely changed. 

So many shades of blue!

(one of these days im going to get a real camera and stop using my phone for all my pics!)

I think I have it narrowed down to my favorite though. It's called "Cincinnati Hotel Abby". It's historic you know! It's a pretty color blue and it goes well with the current green. I think i'll sit on it for a while though. What do you think serg? One kick for yes and two for no! ...5 kicks? You must have the hiccups. 

So far here is the progress of your room...

Before we moved in. 

The guest room.

Currently your room.

It's a total mess- i know!!! Don't panic! As we get things they pretty much just get thrown in there until i know what the heck to do with all of them. I'm working on it though. I promise. By the time you get here it will be all cuteified up for baby boy. 

the mom